Steve Wright
David P Crickmore
Ian Nelson

Fiat Lux formed in 1982. By 1983 they had signed to Polydor Records, were being championed by BBC Radio 1 in Britain and were touring the UK and Europe. “They pioneered a unique sonic stamp, the influence of which is still felt today” – the second disc

The trio folded in 1985 but the surviving members returned to the studio as Fiat Lux in 2017 and are now once again active with new material and as a live act. Vocalist Steve Wright and multi-instrumentalist David P. Crickmore were first discovered by Bill Nelson (ex-Be Bop Deluxe and Red Noise) who produced and released ‘Feels Like Winter Again’ on his own Cocteau label in 1982. It became a UK indie chart Top Ten and an NME Single Of The Week. Later that year Bill’s brother Ian joined Fiat Lux.

Polydor signed them and they began their long term recording relationship with producer Hugh Jones. Tours with Blancmange and Howard Jones followed and the singles – ‘Secrets’ and ‘Blue Emotion’ – both skirted the UK charts. “one of the most criminally underrated singles of the decade.” – Louder than War

UK and European tours followed along with radio sessions and TV appearances in those territories. In 1985 Crickmore quit after what he considered Polydor’s failure to promote their fifth single Solitary Lovers and their shelving of the release of the album Ark Of Embers. Fiat Lux disbanded soon afterwards. Ian Nelson died in 2006. 

Crickmore and Wright reformed Fiat Lux in 2017 releasing a remake of Secrets. There then followed a new album Saved Symmetry in March 2019. In April 2019 came Hired History Plus – A double CD set of the Polydor years including the previously unreleased Ark Of Embers album. Subsequently Universal Music released the back catalogue which formed most of Hired History Plus on all digital platforms. 2019 also saw the announcement of first live gigs from Fiat Lux since the mid 1980s.